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About Valley Christian Music

Who Are We?

Valley Christian Music & Arts (VCMA) is a Christian music program that provides music & arts classes to students ages 5-19 (some classes up through adults) in Skagit Valley (Skagit County), WA.

We currently offer choir, beginning guitar, beginning band, beyond beginning band, beginning orchestra, beyond beginning orchestra, drama as well as a children's choir/music theory class called Music & Me.

Classes are on Thursdays during the school year.  

We have two concerts per year:

at Christmas and at the end of the year.

We also have one drama performance at the end of the school year.

Our History

Valley Christian Music & Arts (VCMA) is a group of families that have been playing music together for a many years that is stepping out to start a Music & Arts program of our own!

We are excited to take carry the torch of faith through music into the Skagit Valley community!

Our Purpose

Valley Christian Music & Arts (VCMA)

is an organization with the purpose of providing quality, affordable, music education primarily for homeschoolers, in a manner consistent with the Christian faith that glorifies the Lord.

Future Plans

Our plans going forward include offering classes during the traditional school year (September-May/June)

We would like to incorporate: 

Year Round Classes: 

       Intermediate Band                     

       Advanced Band (by audition only)                         

       Intermediate Strings     

       Intermediate Drama

A la carte classes such as:

      Group Piano

      Group Guitar 

      Worship Leading Training

      Sound System Training   

      Watercolor Art


And more!  

Board of Directors

Zindra Nelson, President

Dana Bitto, Vice President

Kim Shoemaker, Treasurer

Tammy Sloniker, Secretary

Rod Nelson, Director

Olivia Garza, Director

Rebecca Fox, Director

Nathan Sloniker, Director

Cheryl Macomber, Director

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