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2023-2024 Tuition & Enrollment Fee Information:

*Your student can take as many classes as they would like for the flat yearly rate.

*If there are multiple students within one family, they all can take as many classes as they would like, paying the per student rate for each student, until they reach the max family rate (good for the whole school year).

*Ages 10&up - 1st child $400, 2nd+ children $300 each

*Ages 5-9 -Music & Me students ONLY - 1st child $250, 2nd+children $100 each

*Family Cap of $1100. (Enrollment fee of $100 per family is included.)  

*If you have a smaller family than the family cap, then you pay by student. 

*If you have a larger family than the family cap, you only pay the max family rate. 

*Parents are welcome to participate in Drama, Band, Orchestra and Guitar (at the 10 & up student rate).  *There is an added fee (not included in the family max rate) for drama students of $50/student.

2023-2024 - The Max Family Cap of $1100 (including the Enrollment fee)

is good for the full school year for the whole family for as many classes as you would like to take!  Great for families that are big or small!

NOTE:  Payment Plan Available upon request.  

 Example below:

Student Age is based on September 1, 2023

Sample Family Anchor
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